About Us

At the beginning of 2010,
A Deaf boy accidentally saw a hearing man holding a sign language textbook to learn on bus,
he got touched, leaving his contact information for that hearing man,

and told him that he could teach him sign language.

After discussing with his classmate, he decided to teach the public sign language for free
by setting up a study group on Douban.

In this manner,
"Learn Chinese-Shanghai Sign Language Together" group was estblished
with the deaf as teachers and hearing signers as assistants.

This is,
The story of iSigner Sign Language Culture Center.

With the passage of ten years,
We are still on the road.

We provide


iSigner college

Which has engaged itself in the sign language teaching for ten years,

And committed to popularization of practical sign language for effective communication.

iSigner Culture

By means of cultural media,

Which better promotes sign language learning and its dissemination.

Sign Language Learning App

Which combines - multiple sign language dictionaries and learning systems into one,

To advance sign language learning.

Our Team

Our team has more than ten years of sign language teaching and research experience, undertaken public welfare for many years.

Also abundant practical experience in dictionary compilation, creative arts, film and television, marketing, and project management.


Rather than being a perfect bystander on the shore,

You might as well plunge into the waves and make history.